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I am Brian Lamatina, a Web Designer living and working in Northern New Jersey. I love to design clean and functional websites for my clients.


Brian began his career in website in 2001 at Woodloch Pines Resort, where, in 2002, he created and managed the social department's website "The Edge." In July 2007, he joined UBS Financial Services as a Web Specialist.

As a web designer, Brian specializes in graphic design and site management for charity organizations, business owners and professional entertainers. Throughout his almost 11 years in the industry, he provides his clients with custom websites, focusing primarily on design and development.


Brian has lived throughout the Tri-State area. He was raised in Upstate NY, and he and his family currently reside in northern New Jersey.

When I'm not working

Brian is passionate about websites but he also enjoys other forms of creative media. Brian is an experienced lighting designer and programmer. He is the lead lighting programmer at for the Secaucus High School musical and was the associate lighting director for the Theme Show at Woodloch Pines.

Contact Info


Phone: 201-430-5702

Hometown: Secaucus, NJ




My Skills

  • HTML / CSS 1111
  • Photoshop 1111
  • Flash 111
  • PHP/MySQL and Javascript 11
  • Illustrator 11
  • InDesign 11


Work Expeirence



  • Caleb's Pennies

    This is a website that promotes Pennies from Heaven, a charity organization.

  • Woodloch Board Game

    This is an online game that is based loosely on the popular board game Monopoly.

  • Copleague

    This is a flash website for a pick the NFL games league.

  • Lingo Bingo Board

    A replica of the Bingo board seen on the gameshow Lingo. Built in Flash.

  • Town of Saugerties

    A pilot website for the Town of Saugerties

  • Color Theory - Photoshop

    Manipulate fundamental color concepts including hue, saturation, value, and intensity.

  • Advertising

    Using color values and saturation to create moods relevant to specific products or design needs.

  • Animated Flash Website

    Website intro that showcases animated pens and interactive workspace.



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